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Marpo - Jsi nebezpečná
Singl z připravované desky Melancholie XOXO
Nahráno v SYPE Studio by Jakub Šimandl - TRANSLATION TO ENG BELOW
Kamera a střih Jakub Obluk -


Give me your hand, your so innocent
Dont be scared to find the truth in a glass of wine
Try to find the imaginery edge -- and convince me
Take me to the other side and be devoted to me
Im gettin lost in your eyes
So innocent i feel like jumpin off a bridge
Only fools dont listen or see
Dreamin -- no reality -- until he wakes up
So let me sleep -- i wanna have it my way
And you will fall into my arms and we will live
I got lost inside of you along time ago -- and so far away
I cant find my the way back so Im stucked drinkin Malteco
Smokin a Havana -- waitin till you get home
Holdin my cell phone and callin -- but i dont know who it is
I been all around the world
But i rather be home with you -- just holdin you

Im runnin dont know where
I guess I fell for all those games
I cant find anything else while Im with you
Because I know youre so dangerous

Just flow -- on the wave of these feelings
And all the nonsense talk -- let it go
I let the stress go theres a totally new world with you
without people and insults -- winners without loosing
And I can go on -- try to find some courage
And show the others strentgh without pulling
You represent -- soft talent
Silent winner and secret agent
Theres alotta chicks thats tryina play it like that
Shaking their asses but no one pays attention
Everybody knows how it is
Your the type of person that means energy to me
it was Salvator Dali who painted your body
And Piere Renior your spontaneity and immediacy
Francisco Goy took your beauty outta reality
And I found a whole new world with you

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